Friday, 25 March 2016

Smart transport technology from Ajeevi

Ajeevi for smart city solutions provides the technology for transport sector. Ajeevi technologies, vision of a young entrepreneur, was founded in 2012. Ajeevi pursues a mission of social & environmental reform, which will not only ease life of a common man but also save natural resources consumed in everyday activities. Several researches conducted on subject have offered different ways to make planet greener and save natural resources for future generations. This mission will make the cities smarter.

The next best thing to happen is smart city. Looking at it no one could underestimate the value it signifies, especially for India. In India the competitive landscape is developing and smart city is one direction on it. People know smart city concept is catching up, though they estimate they have very less to do with it. In this manner most of the hard work of government would be blown up.

Government is to spend Rs 1,400 crores (US$ 226 million) over the next two years on incentives and subsidies for makers and buyers of electric vehicles as part of an effort to have at least six million electric vehicles on Indian roads by 2020. This is being made a reality and if there is government support and people accepting the changes, then smart city would happen.

There are plans to convert 101 river stretches to transport goods and passengers through cheaper and environment-friendly National Waterways. A thousand new barges would definitely provide gainful direct employment for 20,000 people. Delhi is all set to become the only first city in India to have installed intelligent traffic lighting systems. And that is not all.

The use of bio-fuels is being encouraged with an ethanol-blending program to curb India's oil imports. Indian road accidents have increased from 50 percent in the previous decade. India has to have more stricter norms to control vehicular pollution. Only when the smart city plans are successful in country can India get to global norms of pollution, numerous banking and other legislation. We can keep up with international competition, while providing best services and facilities for people.

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